Scope of the Journal

The field of knowledge-based development faces the major challenge of making concrete and relevant contributions to the amelioration of societies (i.e. creating a knowledge society) and not solely to the promotion of competitive advantage for businesses. IJKBD serves as a multidisciplinary platform with a systems approach to the theory and practice of knowledge-based development activities and processes, focusing on knowledge cities and societies, knowledge-based urban development, knowledge and innovation clusters, and knowledgeintensive service activities.

Topics covered include:

• Knowledge-based value generation
• Knowledge-based economy
• Knowledge-based urban development
• Knowledge cities and regions
• Knowledge societies
• Multi-level approach to knowledge-based development
• Global best practices in knowledge-based development
• Knowledge and innovation clusters
• Knowledge-economy, assets and capital systems
• Knowledge-intensive service activities


Editor in Chief: Prof. Francisco Javier Carrillo
ISBN online: 2040-4476
ISBN print: 2040-4468
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The International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development was founded in 2010 by WCI Fellows and published uninterruptedly since. The General Editor has always been a Senior WCI Fellow.