2012 Singapore, Singapore

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I would like to nominate Singapore in the K-Metropolis category. I believe the city still ranks very high in terms of all eight types of capitals forming the MAKCI Capital Framework.
Singapore. Nominated as a Knowledge Metropolis. Singapore is a multi-racial, -religious and -cultural country. Different communities live and work in together, with respect for one another. There is respect of the needs of minorities. One of Singapore’s greatest achievements is to have built racial and religious harmony based on mutual respect and mutual trust. Singapore makes consistent improvement over the years. The city-state has been highlighted in impressive rankings as a key global player in work and in play. Singapore has world-class infrastructure (ranked 4th), leading the world in the quality of its roads, ports, and air transport facilities. In addition, its competitiveness is propped up by a strong focus on education and technology, providing highly skilled individuals for the workforce. The city-state works towards an advanced knowledge economy with superior skills, quality jobs and higher incomes.



second the nomination for Singapore

It is encouraging to observe that Singapore did not rest on its laurels despite being voted as the top knowledge-based metropolis twice consecutively and having been a runner-up once to Melbourne. The bustling city is constantly reinventing and reinvigorating itself to embrace the challenges in the new economy. It is not surprising that the term 'work-in-progress' metropolis typifies Singapore.

Singapore has always been a very attractive place for foreign investments due to its sound financial and legal systems in place. Its technological and economic development have enabled Singapore to move into many high value added industreis such as biotechnology, biomedical science and nano-technology. Its health reforms in recent years have seen enabled Singapore to have some of the best private and public health care in the world.

The population today is teeming with young migrants from all over Asia which is adding even more diversity and colour to the city-state. Singapore is indeed a potpourri of varied cultures and nationalities much more than before. A check at the food centres around the country will reveal the range of gastronomic delights that one could savour as a result of the diverse cultures we have in the midst.

While many might disagree with the kind of social capital that Singapore has in particular with regards to freedom of speech and its 'sterile' environment, there are many areas that Singapore has surpassed many countries in the other types of capitals.

I can't help but think that Singapore is surging forward to learn and upgrade herself in many ways. In that sense, she is constantly transforming and reinventing itself to meet the challenges of the new century. In that regard, perhaps Singapore is still worthy of consideration for the 2012 knowledge metropolis title!!!