2012 Nuremberg, Germany

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Nominated as a Knowledge-City Reagion.
Please visit the European Metropolregion Nuremberg website.
Since some of the facts in the nomination document are the same like in 2010 here a short extract of the 2011's highlights:

  • The cities and regions of the Metropolregion Nuremberg have agreed on a new shared vision called WaBE (german shortcut for “growth and employment”). There is no English version but you can browse through the German version (PDF, 156 pages).
  • Part of that vision is the new knowledge strategy focusing on 7 knowledge areas: 1. Transportation and Logistics 2. Energy and Environment 3. Automotive 4. New Materials 5. Information and Communication 6. Automation and Production Technology and 7. Health and Medical Technology (as you can see on page 149 of the vision document)
  • According to the vision 30 strategic projects were defined.
  • One of the 30 projects is the establishment of the knowledge cluster “Medical Valley”
    • We won a cluster competition of the German Ministry of Education and Science (see http://www.bmbf.de/en/10726.php for english(!) information about the competition and http://www.bmbf.de/en/15160.php for an english description of our cluster Medical valley).
    • 80 Organizations (companies, universities and scientific organizations) are funded with about € 40 million in the next 5 years to establish that knowledge cluster. If you watch the rotating images on the homepage you can see as last image an adoption of the well known Silicon Valley Map that we adopted to visualize the many members of the cluster.
    • An important part of the project is to provide an interactive collaboration portal (https://www.medical-valley-emn.de) with wikis, blogs, document libraries, calendar and task lists for the 40 projects and cross-project collaboration (same software like the one used on http://www.regiolog.com), provide the monthy “Medical Valley Talks” to support the cultivation of a community (we “stole” that term from google, they have monthly “Google Talks” :) and we provide the role of a “Knowledge Coach” that helps users and cluster members to meet and use the technology (support the adoption process).

You are welcome to Nuremberg - Our (and Your?) Knowledge City!


New Cluster Strategy in Nuremberg

Since the last MAKCi award a lot happend in Metropolregion Nuremberg. We adopted the federal knowledge cluster strategy 2020 and are about to cultivate seven clusters in our core knowlege domains. One of the is the field of medical devices with a cluster called Medical Valley. You find some information about it at the english cluster webpage and the paper we submitted to last knowledge city summit. In the context of the cluster internationalization strategy a video about the cluster was broadcasted in mexican TV (on YouTube).