2011 Holon, Israel

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Holon, Israel. Nominated as a Knowledge City-Region. Holon is adopting an approach promoting ongoing renewal, innovation and the pursuit of knowledge and information within the organization and from the organization outward. The city has ways of making the knowledge available to all citizens. There are up-to-date technologies, which are accessible to all of the city's inhabitants. The city respects the cultural diversity of its citizens. The city boasts a comprehensive educational strategy that combines all cultural services. The resource and space allocation facilitates cultural activity among community groups. The City's local newspaper is well anchored and its network of libraries is impressive. The City dedicates its streets to the cause of culture. Holon's school network is connected to the city's cultural activity. The City is blessed with several cultural centers that foster tolerance and dialogue between citizens. Visitors,tourists and residents of different localities have equal access to the resources described in the nomination files.


Holon`s Mayor one of the leading 10 in the world!

I would like to highlight this for your consideration!
The story of Holon`s urban renewal is going on and each year there is new progress.
Its mayor is now recognized globally as featured in the UK Monocle Magazine (July 2010) list of "10 of the freshest movers and shakers in urban politics worldwide, pinpointing their greatest successes."

Holon won the bid to host the 2011 KCWS!

This is yet another international recognition!
The story of how Holon has succeeded in reinventing itself to become a cultural center and an attractive city for Knowledge Workers who seek a good place to raise their children - has been studied and told in numerous academic magazines and in the first Knowledge Cities book as well.
I encourage you to recognize it as a MAKCi so that this success story can spread more as a source of inspiration for other cities in the world that need to re-invent themselves!
I hope that in the 4th KCWS hosted in Holon with the theme of Knowledge Cities for Future Generations  - Holon - The Children`s City - will be given the MAKCi award. It deserves it and its inspiring story is needed to be told even more.

Holon - Mega culture city on the sand

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Holon - Mega culture city on the sand

19 Sep 2010

For nearly two decades the gritty city of Holon had been undergoing a Cinderella-like transformation from drab and down-and-out to cultural splendor.


Education in the Design Museum in Holon

"The greater part of the world that surrounds us is designed. Our slippers, furniture, tools, cell phones, televisions and computers, clothes, as well as the structures they reside in, the street furniture, the cars, and even the spacecrafts and communications satellites. Do we remember that behind every handle and every switch there is a long process of development, design, technological adaptation, and production?The field of man-made design is a fascinating point of convergence for different worlds and different systems whose fusion constantly gives birth to new objects and products designed to serve and benefit people. A single such product may express at once commercial interests, social circumstances, cultural and historical influences, technological developments, industrial production capabilities, political considerations, aesthetic traditions, ergonomic constraints, and of course creativity and personality.In keeping with the Museum's vision of serving as a leading hub for innovation in the field of design, the programming in the Museum's Education Department will encourage the exploration and presentation of new ideas and products in both the Israeli and the international design arena."

HIT – Holon Institute of Technology

"HIT – Holon Institute of Technology was established in 1969 and became an independent public academic institution of higher education in 1999, certified by the Council of Higher Education.
HIT focuses on the teaching of sciences, engineering, computer science and technology, management of technology and design. It also emphasizes multi-disciplinary theoretical and practical research of innovative technologies from a professional scientific, economic and cultural perspective.
HIT trains highly qualified students in the realms of science, engineering, management, design and plays an important role in integrating them upon graduation into key positions within industry.
HIT aspires to quality and excellence in teaching and innovative research, and strives to introduce novel and unique cutting-edge teaching and research technologies. HIT also prides itself on its advanced academic achievements, application of innovative techniques and interdisciplinary professionalism that lead to creative teaching and new technologies.
HIT aims to utilize the intellectual and professional potential of each and every student, so that they can fully integrate into the fast-paced technological world of today. Providing superior technological and scientific education enables HIT graduates to enter key leadership positions in both the private and public sectors.
HIT collaborates with the Israeli Industrial community and emphasizes the practical aspect in education. In order to assist students in future employment, HIT invites leading industrial and technological firms for on campus recruitment.
Along with this superior education, HIT also offers its students personal counseling and tutoring. Students are encouraged to reach their maximum potential and many are assisted with scholarships and financial recognition of excellence. For those students with special needs, special programs are offered.
HIT is also committed to the community, reflected in enrolling new immigrants and students from the economical and geographical peripheries, granting them scholarships and affording them an opportunity to be educated in one of the leading institutions of higher education in the country. Every student who is awarded a scholarship at HIT does volunteer work within the community."

Holon is home of GarageGeeks

The Concept
 GarargeGeeks is an Israeli based not-profit physical and virtual space for innovative and creative people to introduce, network, expose, create, brainstorm, innovate and build. People that take part in the activities come from different disciplines such as electronics, software, mechanical, art, design, music, hacking and gaming. The spirit of GarageGeeks promotes building non-commercial projects that would otherwise may not have come to life.
The Space
The home of GarageGeeks is located in the Holon Industrial Zone, Israel. The garage is 100 square meter space that includes heavy and light machinery tools, electronic components, software development environment and raw project materials.
 The garage hosts monthly evening events which is all about meeting people, networking, gaming and eating. We are now starting with monthly presentations events to discuss some of the topics that are of interest to the garage community. To learn more about the events click here.

Holon Great for Kids

Enjoy - it is fun for adults too!

The story of the renewal of the City of Holon

"This is the time to share with others the experience and know-how that we have gained.
For this purpose, we carried out some research, to gather information through
interviews with a wide variety of those who took part in the process at various stages, to
review relevant documents, and to learn from the research and surveys that were carried
out over the years, and which assessed the ramifications of the process on the city and on
its public image. This work became the book that you are now holding, in which you can
read about the process that we have undergone, its various stages, the targets we aimed
for and the ways in which we acted.
The process is described from management, marketing, and organizational points of
view. In order to provide added value to the information, we have included tips,
suggestions and lessons in each of the chapters, alongside our “story”, from which others
can also learn.
We thank all those who have assisted in bringing this to print, and we hope that many
will find this interesting and beneficial.
Motti Sasson, Mayor of
Hana Hertsman, Municipal
Director General
Holon 2010

Holon, Israel and the International Context


I think that this part of the World should be recognized as an admired city, specialy for the history sorrounds it. I always heard that some people from Israel are in conflict, but always they are looking for the peace. Also, it is impressive that under this context, they invest on their infraestructure and also in their people. I love the idea of having peace not only while negotiating with respective parts, but also while investing in their own people for a better future.

So, from my point of view, this city should be recognized with the MACKi award this year... and probably consider it at the following years, as well!.