Building Prosperous Knowledge Cities: Policies, Plans and Metrics

Tan Yigitcanlar, Kostas Metaxiotis and Francisco Javier Carrillo
Publication Date: 
March, 2012

This unique book reveals the procedural aspects of knowledge-based urban planning, development and assessment. Concentrating on major knowledge city building processes, and providing state-of-the-art experiences and perspectives, this important compendium explores innovative models, approaches and lessons learned from a number of key case studies across the world.
Many cities worldwide, in order to brand themselves as knowledge cities, have undergone major transformations in the 21st century. This book provides a thorough understanding of these transformations and the key issues in building prosperous knowledge cities by focusing particularly on the policy making, planning process and performance assessment aspects. The contributors reveal theoretical and conceptual foundations of knowledge cities and their development approach of knowledge-based urban development. They present best-practice examples from a number of key case studies across the globe.
This important book provides readers with a thorough understanding of the key issues in planning and developing prosperous knowledge cities of the knowledge economy era, which will prove invaluable to national, state/regional and city governments' planning and development departments. Academics, postgraduate and undergraduate students of regional and urban studies will also find this path-breaking book an intriguing read.
Contributors: K.V. Andersen, B.T. Asheim, B. Bajracharya, F.J. Carrillo, S. Cavazos, G. Cevikayak, A. Dornan, K. Ergazakis, A.C. Fachinelli, A.M. Fernandez-Maldonado, R.E. Flores, P. Franz, B.C. Garcia, C. Garner, O. Gonzalez, G. Hearn, C. Heidemann, R. Hu, J.K. Imukuka, K. Johnson, K.R. Kunzmann, S. Laursen, A. Leal, R. Lisowski, M. Lorenzen, J. Macke, A. Martinez, K. Martinus, K. Metaxiotis, C. Meyer, K. O'Connor, J.A. Powell, G. Searle, L. Too, J. van Wezemael, K. Velibeyoglu, K. Wermker, S. Wesselmann, R. Wilhelmy, T. Yigitcanlar


Editorial Team: 
Queensland University of Technology, University of Piraeus and Tecnologico de Monterrey