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March 15th, 2017            

Dear Colleague,
                On behalf of The World Capital Institute and Teleos, we would like to attract your participation as an expert in the annual consultation that identifies and recognizes the  Most Admired Knowledge Cities through the MAKCi Awards in its 2017 edition.  

As in previous exercises (see reports and press releases at: http://www.worldcapitalinstitute.org/makci/history, we welcome the expertise of KM/knowledge-based development (KBD) professionals like you to generate the most significant and robust assessment of the multiple and diverse KBD efforts going on in many countries - in some cases more explicitly than others – as knowledge metropolis or city-regions initiatives. You are invited as a member of the panel of 550 experts around the world, to bring your regional, discipline, gender and culture perspectives for a balanced outcome. In order to conduct the survey, the same methodology developed by Teleos for the MAKE Awards has been implemented, carried out in three Rounds with the following activities:

1) Key 2017 MAKCi dates and deadlines:

Round 1: Nominating a City in the 2017 MAKCi exercise.

From Monday, 10th April to Monday, 1rst May, 2017.

Round 2: Categorizing MAKCi 2017 Cities.

From Monday, 8th May to Monday, 15th May, 2017. 
Round 3: Voting MAKCi 2017 Winner Cities.

From Monday 22nd May to Friday 1rst June 2017.

Wrap Up within IKBD Community: Winner Cities announced from 20th June 2017.           
2) Registration
                Please confirm your registration as a community member and platform user at: http://www.worldcapitalinstitute.org/makciplatform/
                If you need further information or access to the MAKCi Platform please contact Dr. Blanca Garcia at: Blancagnava@gmail.com .

3) Submitting a MAKCi Nomination

 We encourage nominations of your city or any other cities around the globe you might have special interest to nominate.

 Nominations are accepted in MAKCi Nomination Form (Word format), found at the MAKCi Library: http://www.worldcapitalinstitute.org/makciplatform/ (see also Appendix 6 of the Annual MAKCi Report).            

All nominations must be uploaded with supporting information (attachments) on the MAKCi platform. The 2017 MAKCi International Advisory board will ensure that all nominations submmitted by deadline have the quality standard to participate in the 2017 MAKCi exercise. 

2017 MAKCi EC & IAB
                MAKCi is under the World Capital Institute/Teleos organizational umbrella, for whom information exchanged for MAKCi purposes is kept confidential and auditable by the MAKCi Executive Committee and the MAKCi International Advisory Board, whose members are: 

Executive Committee EC:

- Javier Carrillo. Centre for Knowledge Systems. ITESM. Mexico.

- Rory Chase- MAKE-Teleos, UK.

- Blanca Garcia. Northern Borderlands Research College (COLEF), Mexico.

WCI/MAKCi International Advisory Board (IAB) -
(confirmed for MAKCi 2017)

- Al-Nuaim, Hana , Professor and VicePresident. Women´s University Campus. King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

- Batra, Surinder, Professor. IMT. Institute of Management Technology and Founder of CIMI. Ghaziabad, India.

- Bennet, Alex, Senior Consultant on Knowledge-generation and Creativity. Co-founder of Mountain Quest Institute. Marlinton, West Viginia, USA.

- Chatzkel, Jay , KM Senior Consultant. Director & Founder of Progressive Practices. Phoenix. Arizona. USA.

- Fachinelli, Ana Cristina , Associate Professor of Knowledge Value Systems. Universidade de Caxias do Sul, Bento Gonçalves, Brasil. Member of ICKS Network.

- Garner, Cathy , Innovation Senior Consultant at Knowledge Economy Innovations. Manchester, UK.

- Koch, Guenter, Senior Consultant on Intellectual Capital. Execupery, Galerie Koko & Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity, in Vienna, Austria. Founding member of NCP Network.

- Lee, Sang-Ho , Professor of Urban Engineering, Hanbat National University. Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea,

- Schiuma, Giovanni, Professor on Innovation and Knowledge Management & Scientific Director of Centre for Value Management, University of Basilicata. Italy. Founding member of IFKAD Network.

- Wang Dong, Clayton, Professor of Management & Director of Economics and Management Department. Harbin Institute of Technology. Shenzhen Graduate School, Shenzhen China.

We look forward to your acceptance to participate. By taking part in this global exercise, you will gain insights from fellow experts, and you will receive an update on 2017 MAKCi exercise findings. Also, we hope you consider attending the 10th Knowledge Cities World Summit in Arequipa, Peru (http://www.worldcapitalinstitute.org/content/knowledge-cities-world-summit-2017-arequipa-%E2%80%93-peru) where the 2017 MAKCi Winners will be announced, Please note that  2017 KCWS Conference Programme, Themes and Special Tracks are listed on the Summit webpage.

Yours sincerely,                  

Blanca Garcia
MAKCi Awards Programme Director






The Most Admired Knowledge City Awards – MAKCi is a Teleos and The World Capital Institute joint initiative


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