2011 Austin, USA

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Austin, Texas (USA). Nominated as a Knowledeg City-Region.
Reasons for nomination:
- The City of Austin's vision of being the most livable city in the country has translated into a highly participative place, notorious for its vibrancy and its richness of culture and diversity. Austin fosters a strong sense of community through participation amongst its citizens, aknowledged as one of its most prominent capitals.
- With development initiatives starting in the 1950’s for “clean cities”, today the city's rankings reflect thriving vision and values aiming to become a Gutsy, Green, Creative, Committed, Collaborative, Inclusive, Spirited, and Accountable city among the world's core cities.


Knowledge hub


I have been interested in looking for more information regarding Universities and the place they are located. I found interesting that Austin is a good place to live not only for the amazing clean and green place but also for the amount of Universities. This should be a good element to consider this place as a MAKCi winner!

The innovation hubs

I think the innovation hubs, are key for the development of cities, and is of great importance for regional economic movement.
In my country, Peru, where I live, now has grown constantly in recent years, and Lima can become the hub for all South America.

Austin's background information

I can only access the Austin video - none of the background information - which makes it difficult to make a comparable assessment with the others.