KBD Value Dimension

A Knowledge City is one that searches for the creation of value in all its areas and develops high standards of life, cultural support and economic development, among other aspects. As a result, it becomes important to discover what these areas of value are and how to measure their state.

An exhaustive search for "knowledge cities" initiatives, as well as for frameworks of major international agencies that evaluate the development of cities and countries, was made to construe the list of value dimensions.

:: To present this information, the following format was adopted:

Name of the dimension [initiatives that take into account this dimension = Number of the initiatives that take into account this dimension]. Description of the dimension. Indicators of the dimension.

Example: Clusters (Mg-Bl = 2). Association of companies or networks of cities. Number of clusters.

For the list of initiatives that take into account each dimension, an index with an identification code for each participating city was used.

Descriptions of dimensions and its corresponding indicators are provided in those cases where they were included in the original.